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South Korea, Seoul

 Hailing from South Korea, Gong Hoon specialises in beat-making and music production as a k-hip hop producer.

 He made his debut producing the track ‘steve jobs freestyle’ off South Korean rapper Ja Mezz’s second full-length album, “The Pink Album”, and showcased his all-rounded skills by participating in composing, arranging, mixing, and featuring as a guitarist/ukuleleist on the same track.

 He has since participated in producing albums for artists such as JAEHA and Dalzi.

 In addition, he expanded his musical journey as a singer-songwriter with the launch of his single ‘One Way Love’, which was released on February 2021.

 Gong Hoon handles a variety of instruments, including (but not limited to) the guitar, and sets his sights on capturing authentic sounds in hip-hop.

 His musical characteristics involves an eclectic mix of hip-hop, punk rock, R&B and folk.

 His fearless venture into expanding his musical horizons has him pursuing acoustic sounds as well, experimenting with percussion recordings using instruments such as the djembe and shaker.

k-hip hop artist, gong-hoon

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